Visuals and stage mapping for Sopot Dance Theatre’s performance – “Transcriptions – hommage pour Chopin”. Despite being a first theatre project, “Transkrypcje” was technically the most difficult one of all I did for theatre up to date. The main features were:

  • Mapping flexibility – the play was performed at different stages, varying in size from 4x6m to 10x10m. All forms mapped in parametrical 3d model, allowing to reposition and rescale of key performance elements.
  • Computer vision – thanks to use of IR camera and custom IR lighting (terrible to setup with incandescent lights), visuals were using blurred silhouettes of dancers and reacting to their movements.
  • Audio reactive – on several occasions the play was performed with live cello and electronic ambient music. These frequency of sounds were visualised at the stage in a simple and elegant manner.
  • Real time controlled – due to several live aspects all visual part of performance was controlled with MIDI

All these aspects were possible thanks to Quartz Composer in which the whole custom application was built.

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