“Design your porcelaine” interactive desk


We were commissioned with Lukasz Mroz to do the interactive piece for an exhibition of a great polish ceramics artist, Marek Cecuła at Museum of Gdynia City. It was a great honor and opportunity as such situation does not happen often – do create the interactive piece for a living legend, who does the highly polished and conceptual but also very tangible works with porcelain.

Mr. Cecuła’s work focuses on all aspects of ceramic sculpture – from utilitarian, design driven objects, to ephemeral, statement sculptural pieces. He pushes his medium to the limits, experimenting a lot with shape, context and colour. He also does different versions of his iconic designs, making his works a true feast of colours and textures.

Our piece drew from this variety and opened up the process of designing a ceramics to exhibition visitors. We took one of the iconic “Twist” flasks and enabled user to design the print and material for it. The piece was also supposed to be kids friendly and relatively easy to implement. In order to do this and enable user to create freely and comfortable, we designed a special dedicated desk. It needed an integrated touchscreen, drawing area, felt pen cut and paper drawer.


Each Each user started by (after seeing instructions) taking a new piece of paper with instructions and thin outline of an unwrapped object. Drawing on paper was immediately transfered to displayed 3d model. It was a monochrome drawing, were user could choose drawing and background materials. All materials were fully pbr, with realistic texture, roughness, normals and reflection.

sheet Sample design


00632.MTS.00_00_47_15.Still001And interactive result

Programming, deployment and GUI were done by Lukasz Mroz ( www.arbuz.eu ). My role was desk design, 3d modelling, materials, environment and shader authoring.

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