Koniec Świata / The End of the World Gig


Another production done together with Sebastian Bednarek as Kol_Kol – this time, our job was to provide the “End of the World” Party with some ambient installation and add some interactivity to already flamboyant lineup for the night.

After investigating the site, we decided to create some counterweight to rich and loud main room – we placed our installations underneath the stairs, in the toilet room and in outdoor entrance smoking area.

Due to limited time given, we’ve pulled some cards out of our already tested deck.


First, there was an entry / smoking  area. Previously used arduino module, now used to control 6 lamps comprising of 12 old fluorescent tubes. Lamps were borrowed from Instytut Sztuki Wyspa and were original, post industrial stock. Most of the lamps were either not fully working or randomly blinking on and off which worked very well.


There was a big mirror (found at the club) / net curtain mapping, overlaying persons reflection onto slowed down theme clip.


Last but not least was a… toilet. Vast and unusual in space room with a single toilet and sink was transformed into

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